Office Information

I am privileged and fortunate to have an established solo private neurology practice in Santa Monica. I enjoy being a Neurologist and taking care of my patients. Some of the things I find important in my neurology practice include – all new patient consultations are scheduled for 45 minutes so I can personally obtain a detailed medical history, perform a focused neurological exam and enter pertinent medical data into my electronic medical record.

My findings and care plan are shared with patients during our initial consult.
I call patients personally with every abnormal lab, imaging or other test result.
I use e-prescribing software to make it easier for you to obtain medications and refills.
I continue to provide in-patient hospital care to my patients exclusively at St Johns Hospital.
Detailed typed medical reports generated by me are sent to your referring physicians every visit.

When you call my office, you will talk with my assistant, Amalia, or me as needed. There are no nurse practitioners, physician assistants in my office providing care at this time.  You will always obtain a live person answering my office phone, including nights and weekends.  I am available to call any family members of my patients to make sure my assessment is clear.

My practice accepts most commercial (PPO) insurances, Medicare plans and some California Care plans. All studies I order, including labs, MRIs, electroencephalograms (EEGs), ambulatory EEGs, nerve conduction tests and electromyograms will be billed to your insurance. My office continues to battle to obtain prior-authorizations for imaging studies and for the expensive medications you may need. I understand that seeing me may be more costly than seeing other local neurologists and there may be no value to this for many patients. The level of service I strive to provide my patients may not be right for everyone.

Please contact our office by phone if you have any specific questions about our policies.